4 Roll 220

4 Roll 220

Premium wheel washer with roller drive system roller drive system that shows excellent washing effect

An efficient washing is possible because it forces the wheel to roll 360 degrees while the three dimensional nozzles are spraying water. This model is suitable for those sites situated in the down town or in the residential areas where public grievance are most likely to happen. While the existing S01EX model uses 8 rollers, this employs 4 long-axis rollers and strengthened roller bearings, thus improving durability and convenience of maintenance. CE certificate proves its safety.


  • Automatic sludge discharge by conveyor system
  • Automatic pump screen self-cleaning system
  • Forced motor drive with a 3.7Kw roller motor
  • Emergency stop button
  • Maximizes user’s safety with pedal
  • Checks washing times with a counter
  • Chain tension control
  • Prevents reverse rotation when a car exits
  • No need to install a separate water tank due to monolithic type
  • Easy installation and withdrawal
  • Easy to move with its 4 lifting lugs
Dimension W2,200 x L5,748 x H2,076 (mm)
Applicable vehicle Max. width of 2,800 mm
Power consumption 21.0 Kw/h
Gross weight 5,800 Kg
Sensing Limit Switch
Submersible pump 15Kw x 380/460V x 3ø x 50/60Hz (Horizontal)
Roller drive motor 3.7Kw x 380/460V x 3ø x 50/60Hz (Ratio: 1/50)
Air compressor 1.5Kw x 380/460V x 3ø x 50/60Hz
Scraper drive motor 0.75Kw x 380/415V x 3ø x 50/60Hz (Ration: 1/173)
Water jet pressure 3.0~3.5Kg/cm2
Main power 380/460V x 3ø x 50/60Hz
Water tank volume 6,000 Liters
Washing capacity About 250~300 Vehicles/Day
Nozzle Side pipe – 18pcs, Main frame – 48pcs
Side screen 1 layer {Total 1m (H)}
Side pipe 2 inches x 700mm (H)
Pipe linking 2 inches – Union type
Control panel Stainless Steel(SUS 304) / Dual door
Heater (option) 3Kw x 380/460V x 3ø x 50/60Hz
Step 1: Entry

Step 1: Entry

A car enters slowly into the wheel washer with a speed of 5 km/h.
Step 2: Washing front wheels

Step 2: Washing front wheels

After entering, locate the front wheels (the 1st and 2nd axles) between the rollers of the washer and change the gear to neutral position. It will then automatically start to wash.
Step 3: Washing rear wheels

Step 3: Washing rear wheels

In the same way as the front wheels, wash them in the sequence of the 3rd and 4th axles.
Step 4: Exit

Step 4: Exit

After washing, slowly exit from the washer and advance to the road.

4 Roll 220