Polyaluminium chloride –  PAC


The PAC is manufactured in both liquid and powder form.
This chemical is optimized for best performance for the different basicities. The low to medium basicity products are excellent at reducing particles while maintaining good phosphorus removal properties. It is the best and value chemical for treating the waste or silty water (drilling mud treatment.). In addition, Our PAC contains shallow water insoluble thus reducing wear on PAC chemical dosing pump.

* High basicity PAC is available on request.

Pack in every 25kg of solid products which come with one inner plastic firm and one outer plastic woven bag. The chemicals must be stored in the dry, ventilated and cool place or do not expose under sunlight.

Red Horn Engineering can provide PAC in the following packaging: 20L or 25L carboy and 1000L IBC tank.

The shelf life of chemicals is one year.