Drive-Thru G03 SGW

Drive-Thru G03 SGW

Design for your higher satisfaction. Just do it as the type you want!

  • Bimodal (2-way) Wheel Washing System
  • Auto Sludge Discharge by Conveyor System
  • Checks Washing Time by a Counter
  • Emergency Stop Button
 Dimension  W2200 x L43180 x H400 (mm)
 Applicable vehicle  Max. width of 3600 mm
 Power consumption  11.45 Kw
 Gross weight  2,500 Kg
 Sensing  Photo sensor
 Submersible pump  15Kw x 2P | Vertical
 Water jet pressure  2.5 ~ 3 Kg/cm²
 Main power  380/415V x 3ø x 50/60Hz (Optional)
 Washing capacity  Over 300 Vehicles/day
 Nozzle  Side pipe – 36 pcs, Main frame – 72 pcs
 Side screen  1 layer (1m)
 Side pipe  2 inches
 Pipe linking  2 inches Union & Flange
 Control Panel  Steel / Dual door
 Options  Floculante injector
Step 1: Entry

Step 1: Entry

A truck enters slowly into the wheel waasher with a speed of 5km/h and stops infront of the sensor momentarily.
Step 3: Exit

Step 3: Exit

The washer washes  both the front and rear wheels while the truck passes, and the truck advances to the road.
Step 2: Drive-Thru

Step 2: Drive-Thru

The sensor detects the truck, and then the washer sprays water and washes the truck as it passes slowly.

Drive-Thru G03 SGW